Testing regarding EN1186 carried out by Information regarding EN1186 provided by SGSEN1186 Test Procedure

From information provided by SATRA & SGS, put simply, gloves are tested for the transference of plastic materials from the gloves to the Test Simulant.

There are 4 different Testes using4 different simulants.

A company packing whole Lemon's only need testing against Simulant A. (aqueous 10% ethanol) Vinyl are suitable for that task.

A company working with meats, fats, oils, mayonnaise etc., need their gloves to be tested against Simulant C & D. Vinyl gloves always fail this test.

Information regarding EN1186 provided by SGS and SATRA was identical, the same simulants, the same tests,as you would expect because it's all as stipulated by EN1186

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