Stretch-2-Fit Blue

Why Stretch-2-Fit Blue was created Fully Food Safe...

In 1983 Ian Johnson became the first person in the UK to sell Blue Vinyl gloves, following later with Yellow & Red. Green was available from the USA prior to 1983

In the early 90's in collaboration with RAPRA he tried to get MAFF to set a Food Safe Standard, they were not forthcoming. Ian was concerned that Red, Yellow and Green sometimes leached colorant, in which case the gloves constituent chemicals must get onto the food.

Around that same time Latex Allergy became known, glove factories commenced reducing the Latex Proteins from approximately 1400ppm to 50ppm, by washing them in Chlorine then calling them Powder Free. It was apparent that Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile all cause irritation of varying degrees; this is caused by the Chemicals either remaining on the gloves or migrating to the surface. Please see "Hand Allergy Causes" on our main Stretch2Fit website:

If the chemicals do this to external skin, what are they doing to people's intestines and long term health.

Being aware that Poly gloves are Food Safe and have no Reagent Chemicals in the manufacturing process, that as time progressed materials were getting stronger he realised that sooner or later the right raw material would appear.

November 2008 that happened and Ian immediately commenced a collaboration to make this into a Fit for Purpose glove, this has culminated into today's Stretch-2-Fit product.

During 2012 we had SGS carry out the appropriate Tests, S-2-F passed all 4 Tests, at our request they provided us with the Data Sheets as to exactly what Simulant's are used in Testing. To double check this we sought the same information from SATRA., both sets were identical, being E.U. Documentation they should be. (See Test Procedure on this site for specific information).

Jodal then had our own Blue Vinyl's Tested by SGS to all 4 simulants, they only passed 2 Tests, but the 2 failed simulants represent the vast majority of prepared foods. Jodal's response was to amend all its Vinyl Specifications and change all packaging to specifically list those foods suitable to handle on the packaging

To see how distributors have managed to sell Vinyl's as Food Safe please see read the other pages on this site.

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Stretch-2-Fit Blue - 100% Food Safe
Stretch-2-Fit Blue - The ONLY EN1186 Approved Glove 100% Suitable for Food Handling