Overall Conclusion...

Food Manufacturers have to be very specific with information on their packaging or face stiff penalties.

Importers / Suppliers of disposable gloves to Food Factories get away with printing deliberately misleading information on the packaging!

Are your current gloves really food safe?The Authorities do not Police the system

Therefore all vinyl glove packaging should specifically list the Food Stuff's that the gloves inside have been approved to handle on the actual dispenser and outer case.

This is very simple to do and eliminates any room for accidental error.

If it is not clearly printed on the boxes, the user should refuse to accept the gloves, otherwise they could be in contravention of EN 1186, it is too simple at this time for the Importer/Distributor to Self-Certificate and get away with it.

As a user you should be very upset to learn how you have been treated by your suppliers, do your part to stamp out the deception, Insist that the products the Vinyl gloves can handle is printed on the packaging. If they want your business the least they can do, is as you ask, it costs them nothing to do this, just a few simple printing changes.

If you have read this entire website you are aware that the user also has the responsibility to fully check the suitability of use.

Although EU symbol CE is not directly related to Food Contact, it dictates that it is the responsibility of the user to satisfy themselves as the suitability of the gloves for their particular purpose / process, most glove dispensers display the CE symbol.

Please contact chris@jodal.co.uk to find out if Vinyl gloves are suitable for your production areas and if not the 3 options that are Food Safe.

Also see : www.foodsafeglove.co.uk

Chris can also help you with supply chain information on Stretch-2-Fit gloves that are Tested and Approved against all 4 Simulants as Fully Food Safe