Suppliers Misleading Users

There are 4 separate Food Safe Test's, having a single test is cheapest, if Test House A quote £400 for all 4 Test's and Test House B quotes £100 for a single Test, and the glove is Guaranteed to Pass the single test, the Importer naturally takes offer B and gets a Certificate for £100.


As the cheapest single Test is using Simulant "Aqueous Ethanol", it cannot fail.

Despite there being strict guide lines on EN1186, Self-Certification has encouraged this situation to develop; once the Supplier has the Pass Certificate for Water they simply print the Goblet & Fork on all packaging. There is no clarification information on the packaging; they do not say for example "not safe for contact with Fats, Meats etc." the Specification Sheets do not state the facts either.

The end user is only interested in completing the Paper Chain and Price Reduction's.

Customers cannot claim immunity on the grounds of ignorance, it is not a simple box ticking exercise, if they do not know the facts, then they should seek clarification. CE Simple Design as printed on all packaging means "it is the responsibility of the user to determine the suitability of the product for the user's needs".

In 30 years supplying most major food processors with vinyl gloves, via the likes of Sorsky and many others, we have never once been asked for a list of Foods that can be handled with our gloves.

Most Importers are not interested in the quality of the gloves, only the cost, because the food factories constantly pressurise the suppliers into reducing prices. This also leads to another major area of deception not related to EN1186 - see 'Who's Responsible'.

The vast majority of Blue, Yellow, Red & Green vinyl glove dispensers have a Goblet & Fork on them, none of these can have been tested against all 4 simulants because they would fail, and the Symbol would have to be removed. Therefore the packaging is deliberately misleading and causes the users to Contravene EN1186.