Who's Responsible?

The Test Houses are not at fault for offering the cheapest Test, the Importer/Distributor does not have to simply take this offer, Importers do it deliberately to attain a Pass Certificate in the knowledge that Vinyl's will fail the 2 main Tests and they cannot display the Goblet & Fork with a failure.

If Importers/Distributors do not understand they should at the least seek clarification from the Test House who makes it perfectly clear that there are several Tests.

Even major UK supply chain Distributors have been misled into believing they are buying "Fully Food Safe" by the Importer. When Jodal is asked this question we specifically ask the customer to provide us with a list of the food stuff's involved. If that is not provided we have to walk away from the business because we tell them that Vinyl's are not Fully Food Safe, only partially.

The Importer/Distributors turns a "blind eye" they do not want to hear the word No,because the end user needs to hear "Yes", if not, the Importer/Distributor loses the business to someone who is happy to deceive the end user.

RESULT - Totally misleading the user

The Company who owns the Brand of glove is responsible, because they are fully aware that only a tiny part of the Testing has been carried out, that by having the Goblet & Fork printed on their packaging they are deliberately leading the users to believe they are using the correct gloves.

Self-Certification is also to blame. It allows those that cheat the system to win all the business and drive ethical companies out of business because they cannot compete.

Business Protection Regulation 2008 No. 1276 clearly states : "it is a prison-able offence to engage in advertising which is misleading under regulation 3".

Users are also responsible, despite the CE Mark, they are simply interested in completing the paper chain.