Some manufacturers will print ANYTHING on the box!The losers are those companies who are actually using the gloves.

They have been misled into using gloves that are not Fit for Purpose.

During November and December 2012, Jodal approached 20 Chinese Vinyl Glove manufacturers many of which Jodal have personally audited previously and decided not to trade with. We have written confirmation in all cases.

The result was that 80% are very happy to print anything you ask for on the packaging... 'Food Safe'... certainly, 'ISO Numbers'... certainly.

That same 80% are also very happy to print  'Contents 100 Gloves', then only pack 95 or 90 or 85 or even just 80 gloves in a dispenser that states they contain approximately 100. One Manufacturer even boasted that they pack 70 per dispenser for a customer.

If your glove boxes contain less than 95 gloves then you, the user are very likely being deliberately cheated. It is fraudulent to mark boxes 'Contents 100' and then instruct the factory in China to pack less in the dispenser.
The Chinese will print anything they are asked to do on the packaging, Food Safe, certainly, 100 gloves certainly, ISO numbers certainly.

The other major losers are those suppliers that practice ethical business... they just cannot compete and will eventually go out of business. Eventually the only suppliers left will be those prepared to manipulate the market, thus leaving only 'unethical suppliers' who carry out bad practices to ensure the end users gets less value for money - whatever the goods.


Only those who are prepared to carry out malpractice...